Why mentor?
We asked a few mentors...

Watch our short video in which we asked a number of mentors why they think people mentor and get inspired to begin your corporate mentoring journey.

It has been satisfying to draw on my experience of working with major brands and then applying this to smaller businesses that are starting out to see how I can make an impact without a big budget. I'd recommend mentoring to others.

Johnny Morris, Supper Club mentor

The loyal customer base I have come across within the last 5 years as a business manager in Agriculture has made me more determined to take up mentoring. Having the opportunity to give something back to the sector is a real honour for me.

Lee Baker, Lloyds Agriculture Business Manager

Mentoring Toolkit

In order to help you get started and to provide an overview of the elements of a successful corporate mentoring scheme, we've put together an informative toolkit. The toolkit has been designed as a pick and choose resource bank to help all in the network to achieve their volunteering goals.

It has been developed with Government Business Innovation and Skills Department and Lloyds Banking Group’s resources with key materials from SFEDI the Sector Skills Body for Enterprise, the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) and Enterprise Diversity Alliance (EDA) with feedback from the wider network.

Download Toolkit as PDF

Additional Support

In addition to the toolkit you can also access a range of videos for use as part of your corporate mentoring scheme. The videos cover training and interviews with both mentors and mentees.

Mentoring Videos

If you think you might need more 'hands on' support' then SFEDI are able to provide mentor training workshops, programme support and management services to get your mentoring scheme up and running.

Training and Management

Get Inspired

Swansea Language Company Translates Mentoring into Growth

An award-winning language services company in Swansea has expanded and is planning to open new offices with the help of mentoring support from the PRIME Cymru mentoring agency and Lloyds Banking Group.

Veritas Language Solutions provides translation, interpreting and consultancy services to a wide range of companies, charities, universities and government departments in the UK and internationally, including Nokia and the Red Cross.

What happens when a property business owner meets a bank mentor

Divian Mistry already had a well established business when he found out about the opportunity to source a mentor from the banking sector. Divian started investing in property a few years ago after leaving University. He’s now developed a wealth of expertise in the sector, and also runs a business to help people who are considering investing in property themselves.

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